All you need to know about buying a quality saddle

Watch out for unscrupulous salespeople trying to sell you a riding saddle without asking you the right questions about its use, your horse and you as a rider. It is not only in relation to the price that one judges the quality of a saddle of riding but especially to its adaptation to the horse and to you. Without this adequacy your position may have a negative impact on the comfort of your mount. By purchasing antares saddles, you will have the chance to choose good quality products.

The criteria for choosing your riding saddle

Before you decide to buy a saddle, here is a list of criteria to study to choose the one best suited to your needs:

  • The discipline you practice. Your saddle depends first of all on the discipline in which you play: equestrian endurance, cross country, jumping, dressage .... For each of them the saddle must be adapted.

  • The level of the rider and the horse.

  • Physical criteria: horse and rider morphology (height, weight, etc.)

  • And finally your budget and your desire.

The technical criteria to know when choosing a riding saddle

The first criterion to choose your saddle: The size of the saddle. Often expressed in inches, from 16 inches to 18 inches, you can measure it yourself from the cantle to the hump of the pommel.

The second criterion is the material of the saddle, the beauty and also the convenience. The choice is to make between leather and synthetic; these are often cheaper. Leather saddles are generally more enjoyable because the leather offers the rider a feeling of flexibility and strength.

The third criterion is the tree. The osmosis between the horse and the rider. The tree, the complex organ of your riding saddle, must match both the rider and the horse. Its shape, the materials that compose it are determining criteria in the choice of your riding saddle.

So, buying a saddle is not easy. You have to define your expectations and your budget. In addition, the test of a saddle can be considered to come to confirm its decision and confirm its quality.

Why a fine used saddle can be better for beginner

Why a fine used saddle can be better for beginner
A good saddle is very flexible in its work negotiator between the rider and his horse. It must be strong, effective for the horse and rider, adjustable backrest and a large cushion. So, it will be a saddler customizable and is perfect for any level of the rider.What happens when the saddle is not suitable?Inappropriate stools are not aid but an obstacle to the movement of the horse. On the back without crew, you do not put the saddle no matter why the back is unmanned. In such cases, the (used western saddles for sale) [...]